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We are hoping to have a track and facilities maintenance and mow session on Saturday morning ahead of the track resurface next week. If anyone is available to help it would be appreciated. The grass especially is starting to get long so please feel free to pick up a mower anytime time you are at the track.

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19 Derby riders made the trip down south the Cyclopark this weekend for Rounds 3&4 of the National Series. All raced well in some windy conditions (they don't call it cyclone park for nothing!)

Day 1

Podium for Roman Burdfield (3rd)

A finals for Zack Everly (7th), Amelia Everly (rel, shocking decision),Myles Wildbore (5th) Steven Fortune (7th) and a special mention for Mara Macarron (5th) making an A final on her first national. 💪🏻

Day 2

Podium for Amelia Everly (1st) Roman Burdfield (3rd)

A finals for Seth Kucharik (5th), Jack Perkins (6th) and Noah Everly (7th)

Well done to everyone who raced! Next stop Cumbernauld on 8/9th June! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


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