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Derby BMX Club - Awards Nominations 2022

So the coaches will be busy casting their votes for the Club Awards 2022 on Sunday 30th October.

Now it’s your turn to get the riders thinking about the Riders Rider Award 2022 and for parents we have reinstated the True Grit Award, nominations for this can be submitted via the form below.


We will be asking every member for their nomination on the night for Riders Rider but if you can’t make it or want to vote in advance please complete the form below.

Riders Rider 2022 - who do they think deserves the award, a rider that always commits no matter what, a rider that always helps and supports others, a rider who’s dedicated training pays off or one that is just naturally rapid!!

True Grit Award - Parents Vote - that rider that crashes but always gets up and carries on. The rider that battles against all odds or the rider that just keeps getting injured but never gives up racing. For whatever your reason, get your vote in.


2022 Award Nominations

Thanks for submitting!
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