Organised outdoor activity, such as coaching and cycle sport, for under-18s and disabled people is permitted in Tier 4 areas provided the following are observed:

People do not travel into or out of their Tier 4 area to participate.

  • Parents, helpers and guardians only attend to enable participation by under-18s and disabled people, and always maintain social distancing of 2m+.
  • Participants, parents, helpers and guardians do not mix with people from different households e.g. by congregating at start and finish areas.


Please do not attend if you have Covid symptoms and maintain social distancing at all times. Own equipment required. No refreshments available. All riders and parents are informed on booking onto a session of the associated rules and regulations including: 1. If you are showing coronavirus symptoms, or if you or any of your household are self-isolating, you should stay at home. 2. Keep at least 2 metres (or 1 metre plus mitigations) apart from other people whenever possible whilst riding – be respectful and allow other riders to pass at a safe distance where necessary. 3. Ride well within your ability – don’t try difficult skills or ride too fast. 4. Do not congregate with other people under any circumstances - at this time the only reason for being at a facility should be to ride or take part in your coaching session. Once you’ve finished your loop, or if you’re waiting - make sure you take a break away from the finish and start areas, to ensure social distancing and give others a chance. 5. Clean your equipment before and after riding and try not to touch anything else. 6. No physical contact – no hugs, high-fives, hand shakes, etc. except with people in your own household. 7. Do not share any mobile devices, equipment, food or drink with others. 8. Wash your hands regularly, including before leaving home and on returning home, and bring hand sanitiser with you when visiting a facility. 9. Only use a cycling facility if you are actively riding and leave as soon as possible after finishing. 10. Please leave plenty of space and be considerate of other riders, especially younger or less experienced riders. STAY ALERT - STAY SAFE. Remember you won’t have space to catch less confident riders, you will have to slow down, and you need to allow space to pass if necessary.

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